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Glorious Monolith: Scaling an Application Without Microfrontends

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Every developer eventually faces the challenge of scaling a project. This problem can take many forms, from simple build slowdowns to an inability to implement new functionality within reasonable deadlines.

One way to address scalability issues is to break down the project into microfrontends. This topic has been discussed in many talks over the past few years. While microfrontends have several unique advantages, which may give the impression that their implementation is necessary for successful project development, it is debatable whether they actually make a developer's life easier or improve project quality.

In this talk, we will compare microfrontends with a monolithic application and discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each. We will explore how to build a monolith that is easy to understand, allows for fast implementation of new functionality, and avoids the pitfalls of a growing codebase. Additionally, we will examine potential problems that may arise as the project develops, and discuss effective ways of addressing them. Finally, we will determine which approach is better suited to your needs.

The target audience for this talk is middle+ developers who have experienced issues with project scalability or who feel uncertain about choosing approaches when starting a new project. By the end of the talk, you will have gained insights on how to enhance an existing monolithic project, as well as arguments for or against transitioning to microfrontends.


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