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Zero Error Policy: Catch Every Error Faster Than Customers Do

  • Talk in Russian

The talk is about swiftly detecting errors in web applications. How to quickly find a bug in a new release? How to identify a rare error that a key customer encounters? How to set up error monitoring that doesn't flood us with useless notifications? How to analyze the found errors? We'll discuss answers to these questions in the talk.

The idea of the talk is based on the Zero Error Policy concept – an approach where every error should be noticed, analyzed, and, if necessary, fixed. To implement this concept, the entire life cycle of an error is important, so we'll discuss working with errors in the application code, integrating error collection and analysis systems using Sentry as an example, setting up alerts, and integrating error analysis into the development process. We'll provide a case study of implementing the Zero Error Policy in a large project that faces one million errors per day.

The talk is designed for frontend developers of any level who are interested in improving product quality and reducing efforts on error monitoring.