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Talk type: Workshop

Winning the GameFi hackathon with a prize of $30k

  • Talk in Russian

Online games, blockchain, metaverses, high loads and real-time gameplay.

Does it sound like a big team, a zoo of languages and technologies is needed to develop such a product?

But in fact, all this can be done by a small team of 1-2 people. The main thing is to know which tools to choose, what to do and what not to do.

Nevertheless, I will tell you how to use the Javascript script that I used in the hackathon from the Kronos blockchain, what people are waiting for and what they give points for, and much more:

  • How to play MVP in a month and win the blockchinakaton.
  • What to do with MVP dal to attract investors.
  • How can you write under the game logic once, test it and use it on the client and server at the same time, and what does the Hack have to do with it.
  • How inconsistencies and microservices help to distribute the load.
  • How to develop a good gaming protocol for a fast online game.
  • Web3 Masterclass. Development of smart contracts and integration on the client and server.
  • NFT generation process.


Server side: Typescript, Nestjs, Mongo, GRPC, Redis + Bull, K8s, WebSocket

Game client: Haxe,

Interface: React

Web3: Moralis, ethers.js , Strength, EVM


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