Maria Kondaurova

Maria Kondaurova

Company: BIOCAD

Maria studied economics, and then she fell in love with layout. She started her way in the frontend working with layout virtually for free, dived into vanilla JS and JQuery, worked in a web studio with various types of CMS (WordPress, Opencard, Bitrix). She learned React and plunged into the world of "big frontend". Worked in different companies ranging from Russian outsource to American enterprise. Now she works at BIOCAD in the Department of Computational Biology and runs a service which helps her colleagues in the development of molecules and antibodies for drugs.

She puts her heart in code reviews, loves tests and doesn't like when map is misused. Now she is busy diving deeper into JS, sources and tutorials.

In her spare time, she paints Warhammer miniatures and beats people with an iron stick in historical fencing.

Talks from 2023 Spring season