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Workshop: how to develop, build, and deploy Node.js microservices with NestJS & Pulumi (Part 1)

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The workshop gives a practical perspective of key principles needed to develop, build, and maintain a set of microservices in the Node.js stack. It covers the specifics of creating isolated TypeScript dockerized services using the monorepo approach and turborepo. The workshop includes an overview and a live exercise to create a cloud environment with the Pulumi framework. The sessions are suitable for developers who want to learn and practice building and deploying techniques using Pulumi and Docker for Node.js. 3–4 hours Overview of technologies: Pulumi, Docker, Kubernetes, Node.js, TypeScript, turborepo. NestJS Example structure: turborepo configuration, common utilities, demo services. Practical exercise: create a cloud environment and deploy microservices to a cluster.

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