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Workshop: how to develop, build, and deploy Node.js microservices with NestJS & Pulumi (Part 2)

  • Доклад на русском языке

The workshop gives a practical perspective of key principles needed to develop, build, and maintain a set of microservices in the Node.js stack. It covers the specifics of creating isolated TypeScript dockerized services using the monorepo approach and turborepo. The workshop includes an overview and a live exercise to create a cloud environment with the Pulumi framework. The sessions are suitable for developers who want to learn and practice building and deploying techniques using Pulumi and Docker for Node.js. 2 hours Overview of technologies: Pulumi, Docker, Kubernetes, Node.js, TypeScript, turborepo. NestJS Example structure: turborepo configuration, common utilities, demo services. Practical exercise: create a cloud environment and deploy microservices to a cluster.

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