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Sargon Piraev

Sargon Piraev

Company: UAE CEX

Sargon lives in St. Petersburg. He got his first computer at the age of 10. Started programming at the age of 14 by creating a site on uCoz for the clan of the browser game "Arena". Then were snowflakes on the site, jQuery, Backbone, Knockout, AngularJS, Node.js v0.6.

Over 12 years of commercial development, he has accumulated knowledge and experience that he loves to share. Latel, Sargon has been a lead on fintech projects with a blockchain focus.

Loves testing and the topic of code quality because he believes that good practices prevent most bugs and help developers focus on what they love to do. Implemented testing strategies on projects from scratch. Elevated test code coverage from 0 to 65%, which reduced developers' time spent on fixing regressions after new code.

Talks from 2023 Autumn season